True that I say
As Laney relays her day
The joy she displays
Makes me want to be with her
Day after day
The curly blonde hair
Dimples in her cheeks
The way Laney frowns
The way Laney speaks

Laney lets dance
Her dimples implode
She grabs my hand
Leads me to another world
A feeling oh so good
Dancing with this girl
A feeling oh so fine
Laney you blow my mind
It's because of you
I'm content inside
The feeling you leave
Keeps me going
Till the next sun shines
Joy,glee,and delight
The sentiments you leave behind
Not many have done that
Laney your divine

What will be the next high
As I kissed Laney goodbye
Will she take me to the sky
Or will she say bye
Laney asked me inside
I accept with a smile
With our eyes closed
No thoughts involved
We rocked each other's world


The desire of this man
To steal as much as he can
Feed the need to deceive
Experience a rush
This sly man needs
No job too small
The Criminal craves more
The Criminal craves more

Charged with life
Authorities alike
A natural occurring sin
From deep within
Can a man break free
Reverse his crooked way
Untangle his mind
Adjust his wicked way

To learn a trade
A process devised
The Criminal mastermind
Thinks of the prize
The method of his craft
So devious and calm
His victim unaware
Of his deceitful charm

The chance arrives
For this diligent guy
He remains composed
As his plan unfolds
A sharp pain
Enters his mind
As he looks down
Whilst falling to the ground
Never able, to turn around

Travelling toward
The last ray of light
What an excellent sight
A memory invades
Of which I could fight
Every time I try
Delusion forms
My memory trumps it
Laughing at my mind
Feeling dejected
I pull off the road
Holding back tears
Wishing loved ones were here

To occupy the time
White line fever
Feeds the mind
What trails behind
The remnants of mine
Craving for home and bed
And not knowing what my mind says
Junk, junk, junk, junk

Driving again
Under a star laden night
Couple hundred till home
My mind directed
To an awesome foe
My drum kit in sight
To the right
A bag full of delight
My memory before
Haunts me
Coming back for more
Wish I could jettison this past
It never lets go
Junk, my irresistible foe

💉  [ drugs are bad ]


A daunting task
I feel at risk
Too many choices
Which path is fake
This direction, I create
Will it seal my fate
A dead end
I feel irate

A decision made
This path I take
My mind racing
Is it a mistake
Another solution
Consumes me in time
Too many paths
A 180 in mind

To persevere
And make it right
Many factors
Judge my mind
This course of mine
Perceived by many
I'm out of touch
Help me reach serenity

It gets brighter
This road I'm on
People are waving
This strategy strong
A sudden thought
Corrodes my idea
Stuck in the middle
Which direction this time

    Deja Vu

A creepy connection
Suddenly exists
A recollection impenetrable
I know this place
When was I here
My mind in a haze
To my consternation
Of this eerie place

Here we go again
A hair raising sixth sense
I Suddenly see
Traipsing this place
I can never understand
A vision previously seen
As of now
It's upon me

Deja vu
Now it's real
Once a vision
It's not so real
Why does this occur
Always a different place
A false memory
Is now replaced

This horrible odour
Surrounds me again
A connection breached
Where am I this time
I've learnt to accept
This state of mind
It's just my brain
Misfiring through time


That time in our nation's life
Politicians rule, man they were bright
With policies and laws
Our states unite
The pollies preserved
The status quo observed

How did they get
So out of touch
They bicker and back stab
Whine as such
Can't believe
Our system is so corrupt
Can't we tell them
To go and get fucked

A system I've contrived
Is one that won't divide
Professor's should lead
They're well received
No tax dollars spent
On stupid elections
Dodgy politicians
And other indiscretions

Professor's are the new breed
With knowledge so vast
They can't be outclassed
Their policies put in play
With so much thought
No sign of disarray
Wouldn't you like to see
A system without hypocrisy
One free of debauchery
A system based on you and me
Not any political party

[ Jonathan going berserk ]


Thoughts I confess
The behaviour I display
It instigates harm
Distress coming my way
A rush in my mind
Feeding this manic time
Depression creeps in
Trying to stay alive

So alone
Hourly checks linger on
Patients are crying
Good memories dying
How do I escape
The staff clued in
My attempt so weak
Sedation wearing thin

Interrupted again,
These walls so grim
Betrayed and afraid
Melancholy begins
As day's go by
My med's begin to pry
Locating obstacles
For the building blocks inside

Waiting in line
It's head candy time
No benzoes for me
That addiction I don't need
To make time
Mindfulness is kind
A temporary solution
To subside my minds deride